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LAMDA Teacher

LAMDA Teacher and Exam Prep

LAMDA - Verse & Prose, Acting and Singing Musical Theatre
This is a brilliant way for children of all ages to get into performing.
Confidence building, performance skills, vocal strength and projection, diction, line learning and character work are just a few things I work with my students on.

I prepare students for their exams if they would like to do them.

LAMDA is a globally renowned syllabus, and I am proud to have worked my way through the grades and as a young adult, Gaining a Diploma in Acting.

It's great to share my knowledge and train our young performers of the future.
I provide monologues, poems and scenes from all genres...

LAMDA Services

LAMDA exams inspire and empower learners to be confident communicators.
Actors delve into characterisation and develop their vocal, physical and interpretive skills while they dive into characters and explore the background of dramatic texts.

Working through the grades takes learners through the development of clear speaking and character portrayal to an understanding of a playwright's style.

Musical Theatre exams allow performers to portray their favourite characters and act their way through popular MT songs whilst developing their singing technique along the way.

Available in person or via Zoom.

Level 1 - (Entry - Grade 3) 

£17 per 30 minute lesson

Level 2 - (Grade 4 & Grade 5) 

£22 per 30 minute lesson

Intensive-LAMDA V&P 

£25 per 30 minute lesson

Level 3 - (Grade 6 - Grade 8 - Bronze, Silver & Gold Medal) 

£35 per 1 hour session

Single Booking

Block Booking