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Voice Coach 

Voice Coach and Vocal Health

Classically and Musical Theatre trained, I teach singing technique to adults and children - from absolute beginners finding their voices and building confidence and control, to working with advanced vocalists honing their skills, keeping their voices healthy and picking up great tips along the way.

I work with individuals on - Audition prep for Musical Theatre College. I find appropriate monologues and block the scene with the student, teaching backstory and appropriate skills and technique for the style and genre of the piece. We choose contrasting songs for the individual and break them down technically, then put them back together with the connection to the song on top to really strengthen the performance.

Do you talk all day at work to a large room of people or over zoom?
Does your voice feel tight, tired, croaky, hoarse but at the end of the day?
A little TLC is necessary for EVERYBODY as we all rely on our voices to be there for us from the minute we wake up, regardless of how we treat it.

I provide exercises to do daily as a morning warm-up, between busy times in those quieter moments, as vocal downtime at the end of the day.

I work with the client on breath control and finding support from the body... not forgetting to remind my clients about relaxing the parts of the body we don’t need to be engaging...freedom of movement and moments of relax/reset is so important when speaking or singing.

Vocal Health Services

Voice Problem?
As a Vocal Health First Aider, it is a high priority to make sure a new client feels comfortable.

Noticing a change in the voice can be worrying.

I will chat with you a little about background of voice use and lifestyle, what brings you to me today?

What would you like to achieve from our sessions?
I will listen to the voice and discuss with you my thoughts on how best to help.

It is personal, so working together openly is important to create the best results possible.

I will guide a client through vocal exercises, explaining what, why and how as we go.

I will work at a pace suitable to the client and their individual needs.

First Session - 45 Minutes - £45
Sessions Thereafter - 30 Minutes -  £35

Single Booking

Singing & Performance Technique Services

I aim to, first of all, break the ice and help a new client feel comfortable in the space.

I’ll learn about the client a little, what would you like to achieve from the lessons?

I will then guide you through a warm-up and enjoy listening to you sing something familiar so that I can hear your voice, and we can go from there. Exciting!

Available in person or via Zoom.

30 Minutes - £17 (Child)

45 Minutes - £26 (Child)
60 Minutes - £33 (College Student/Child)
60 Minutes - £35 (Adult)
120 Minutes - £65 (Adult)

Single Booking

Block Booking

St Richard's Catholic College - Singing Lessons

6x 30 minutes lessons per term

Singing technique & repertoire lessons, building confidence and performance skills as the voice becomes stronger and vocal range expands.

All genres of Pop & Musical Theatre can be explored.

To work towards performances, concerts, auditions, exams or simply to enjoy singing